Saturday, July 28, 2007

becca robins

the brides bouquet and grooms boutineer
the cake
buffet piece
bridal party flowers
gazebo hangs

you know the whole cha bang
this was at wadley farms in lindon for anyone who is curious! and thanks becca for being one of my easiest clients! congrats! live happily ever after ......

just for you krista

this is just for you krista ... well and macy too! cause i am hoping she is checkin out my blog. and maybe sin too? let me know girls start leaving comments. krista is a hoot of a client. her wedding is next week at wadley. this is her getting ready for the whole bridal sitting thing and me rushing her bouquet to her with no time to take pics of the bouqet til' i got there. oh well, doesnt make the best portfolio pic but it makes a great blog pic!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


So i rolled out of bed at 3:30 AM this morning, got my tooshie ready and headed to wedding wish list in sandy to participate in the filming of a plug for the store on GOOD MORNING UTAH channel 4. timing didnt turn out the way we had all hoped due to technical difficulties, (arent technical things usually culprits?) but a few of us vendors got a few second plug, including me. i was a tad bit disapointed by the poundage added by the TV but other than that it was a great experience. sounds like the producers might be interested in featuring a bit more of studio stems on GOOD THINGS UTAH, i am just keeping my fingers crossed.

i took this centerpiece arrangement pictured above with me, it didnt get much, or should i say any, airtime but oh well. it was fun to do and reps me so well it is so oooo oooo studio stems! great vase, black river rocks, black molly fish (which by the way i have been meaning to comment on for sometime now. fish used to be popular budget friendly centerpieces a few years back. they have faded out and for good reasons, first being that they are hard to maintain and second because they were rarely used in good design format! they are meant to be accents!) black manzanita branches, antique hydrangeas, white mini callas, eggplant dahlias, green giant monkey tail, and trichalium.

some of the coolest wedding pros i have ever known are vendors invovled with wedding wish list. i enjoyed thoroughly visiting with matt christensen photography, david perry films, and of course jeff the owner of wish list whom i want to publicly thank for wonderful opportunities! i cant wait to work with these guys some more!

there is also a new invitation designer at wish list. anyone who would consider hiring studio stems based on style would love this designer of all things paper, fabric, metal and many other things! Pink Piggy Design!

Megan, the owner, and i have recently become aquanted and i cant wait to get some of her designs up on our blog for you soon to see so you too can get aquanted with her!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

out of office

i will be out of the office monday and tuesday this week so back in on wed the 25th. i will not have internet access but i will be reachable by company cell phone @ #801.404.0927

also becca's wedding is coming up at the end of this week so be looking forward to posts about her red and cornflower blue wedding!

the picture above is of green tea roses (isnt the color just killer?) and pink cockscomb on one of our new rustic vases.

be sure to watch good morning utah on thur the 26th there will be a suprise!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

coral or?

what is this you say? well its not coral ... its cockscomb. its one of my favorite floral elements to work with. why? well of course because its unique! i love this stuff. its truly a world wonder! i bought some last week just for me ... and played with it a little. but here are some stripped down fresh front on and single stem side view pics. more to come ....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


so .... often times its hard for me to describe designs to clients in a way that they can obtain a visual. one of the things i have been doing quite often is using petals to create my own blooms in some of my designs, especially in boutineers and corsages. this is hard to visualize for someone who has not seen it. so here is a red freedom rose petal simple corsage or boutineer bloom with a 3 pearl head center. i also like to use other flowers that are smaller as the center. but i was just messing around which i dont get to do very often these days, i usually am actually working and designing for a client not me. i purchased some cool new flowers and colors to spend some time just letting my energy flow and i had a blast. look for more posts on these designs.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


well this is the end to bridal sitting week. not to say there wont be more! this is deborah's bouquet. her colors are obvious, yellow & red. i photographed her bouquet on one of my black stools simply because we are using some black accents at her wedding and i wanted to bring that in here. these are classic red freedom roses with amazing yellow iris's. the iris's make this bouquet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


so i have a new wedding in my featured gallery on the website! Its Jessie Elder's wedding from the beginning of june. its bright and fun, romantic and elegant! it was a pleasure filled wedding for me as a designer. these are a few of my favorite pics just to tempt you! My very good friend and also very talented friend DARLA took all these pics, i have been waiting for them for some time and it was worth the wait they are spectacular! if your looking for a photog be sure to consider her!

bridal sitting?

so this is bridal sitting week, or month for that matter! July is a slow wedding month for me but Auguest might be my busiest ever which leaves what .... bridal sittings. What is a bridal sitting anyway? its sort of like baby sitting .... it doesnt make much sense. We dont really sit on babys when we watch them nor do we sit on brides! LOL no really i understand the meaning i just think its a little bit silly the words we chose. All of my out of state brides always say "what" when i ask if they are doing one. I guess its a utah thing, or at least the lingo is.

This is heather anderson's bouquet and she is one of my most darling brides ever! i adore her! Its a similar bouquet to one of my signature bouquets (the one used in all our 07 adds!) its also similar to natalies from last month. it has regular and mini ivory calla lilies, regular pink cymbidium orchids, brown monkey tail, curly willow, and one of the tail end of this seasons bunches of pink peonies.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


feathers will make you fly ..... i hope that is just what my two brides do today! if you know me you know i love lots of elements of design incorporated into my art. feathers are a great accent to the right bouquets. it just so happens that two of my brides interested in feather accents have bridal sittings on the same day! so here you have megan's red base bouquet. it includes; freedom roses, red cockscomb, black mini calla lilies, black monkeytail, and of course feathers. wrapped in red satin ribbon with black bead adornment. The other bouquet is natacha's and incorporates an interesting color scheme, but a fun one for me. Her bouquet includes, eggplant and orange mini calla lilies, white lisianthus, monkeytail, and of course feathers! Thanks girls!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


tradition ..... its a good thing. i am sort of a non traditional type artist but lately i find myself immersed in a few weddings full of traditional flavor. Of course there is a right way and wrong way (in my opinion) to do traditional wedding flowers. in the end i cant help but add some sort of unique touch and my own flavor but i do enjoy this traditional way every now and then just not too often or i get bored. this is one of those traditional weddings coming up, melissa's bridal sitting bouquet as you can see is very traditional. the good things about traditional ..... its romantic, classic, and elegant. i love this bouquet. its solely made of sahara roses, tied with ivory satin ribbon base and a sage green satin ribbon ballet wrap.

a tid bit on blog comments ..... for sometime now i have thought perhaps my blog was not trafficed heavily. recently i have had several clients tell me exactly how often they are looking at it, i was suprised. i want to know what your thinking so all you clients, potential clients, and friends please leave comments! unless of course you dont have anything good to say at all and in that case lets go with the age old saying of if you dont have something nice to say dont say it at all!