Friday, November 30, 2007

Davina Fear

Davina .... speechless .... this is an amazing photog .... the blog post "saylor" its a little bit about us!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chelse ... last minute

Chelse has a story that i hear often from brides ..... i usually cant pull the magic rabbit out of my hat to help them ... but i could this time. Chelse is a good example as to why you SHOULD NOT depend on a family member, family friend, ward member, or someone otherwise relate who "knows how to do flowers" to do yours .... it never works out. it either falls through before or during ... either way its a bad situation to be in as a bride. Chelse's family florist quit on her 1 day before her sitting and 5 days before her wedding ... big bummer. glad we could help. this is her bridal sitting boutquet and pretty much what the suppliers had last minute early monday morning that worked with her style, colors, and budget. love this little mini fuji's called chromones, eggplant mini callas, black ones of course too, some xmas greens, dahlias, and white stephanotis with dark purple and black gems ... FUN!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

thankful xmas time

I have wondered if any of you blog readers have ever wondered what a designer like me has in her own home ..... kind of arrogant i guess ... well anyhow this is my dining nook table centerpiece for the holidays, very earthy and very much my style.

So if you havent noticed the bloggin has been a bit slow. i have taken some time off to take care of and do some family things and slowed down the amount of clients i take on .... at least for a few months .... none the less studio stems has had a great year! thanks to all of our clients, past & present! Want to thank especially the clients who have become friends and made what i do worth it! many many industry friends that are greatly adored ... rebekah westover, darla roze, kate benson, pink piggy, digital izatt, enizio, and the list goes on .... I also have been able to work with the best assitant yet ... Neena ... she has become a best friend, a confidant, a sister, and an artist! i have been so blessed this year with many opportunities and growth! thank you all for being a part of studio stems 07 and a part of me!

TIPS 10,11,12

10. think about where you would like to place floral arrangements at your venues. there is no point in an elaborate arrangement at the entrance if your guests will only see it once, or is there? first impressions are crucial .... whats important or better yet where is important to you?

11. Be creative when it comes to reusing your flowers for different stages of your event. aisle pomanders or cones can easily transfer to hooks for the entrance of your reception. alter arrangements easily double as buffet centerpieces etc...

12. Having different color schemes for your ceremony and your reception can work. soft and demure for the ceremony, bright for the reception in honor of celebration!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

lindsay & 7,8,9

Lindsay Jane Photography just moved into a new studio and open house was yesterday, lindsay wanted some cool arrangements to compliment her new studio for this occasion and i was happy to supply!

Tips 7,8,9

7 - give your florist plenty of inspiration so that he or she can imagine what your day is going to be like. this should include swatches of fabrics for attire etc...

8 - Trust your florist - chances are they know more about flowers than you do. If they think something wont work its best to listen!

9 - If you love a particular flower but it's on the pricey side, still use it sparingly in important places, like your bouquet. It will be close to you all day and will appear in most of your pictures!

I will be out of the office from Nov 17th through Nov 26th. i will be accesible via email and cell phone but there are no consult apts available during this time and please dont call me unless you really need me! thanks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


4. tear pages from mags of flowers you like. its important to be able to show a perspective florist what you are looking for. its also helpful to gather a few pictures of things you dont like and want to avoid

5. if flowers are important to you, allocate at least 10-15% of your overall budget to them

6. Keep an eye out for anything that inspires you. If your wedding has a vintage feel, inspiration might come from your favorite pair of shoes, while a contemporary hotel might provide ideas for a modern look. share these insights and samples with your florist

Saturday, November 10, 2007

20 ways to wonderful flowers

All pics from Andria's flowers for her bridal sitting today .... all white tulip bouquet adorned with red satin ribbon, a matching white tulip boutineer, and a big bright beautiful red dahlia for andria's hair. thanks andria you have been one of my most laid back and easy to work with brides of 2007!

i will be posting "20 ways to wonderful flowers & floral perfection" in the next several weeks a few pointers at time ... lets start with 3

1. find a florist that can work within your ideas and more importantly your budget! The right florist will listen to what you want and will be able to make suggestions or help you figure out what you want if you dont know.

2. if you are struggling to find the right florist ... ask for recommendations from recently married friends in your area, your venue location, photographer, or other wedding vendors.

3. be realistic about what you can afford and what will work with your venue. its far better to use your budget wisely than to splash out on flowers you love but dont suit your venue or theme.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

its finally time to meet the artist ... thanks to rebekah westover!

this has been a long time in the making. no bio pic on my site ... why? cause i am the least photogenic person on this earth. i think there are like 2 pictures of myself from birth to now that i actually like! i realize that i am my own worst critic but seriously i am not photogenic, and not the most gorgeous girl in the world. ok enough of that! look how great this pic is! rebekah westover is amazing! i thought no matter who the photog i wouldnt be happy with me and i am, i am shaking with excitment! thank you rebekah your so so so amazing! i have enjoyed every last minute of working with you this year and all our continueing friend moments, i love you!

check out this great vintage family picture! love it love it love it!