Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tara & jeremy

monday april 28th was tara & jeremy's wedding. i have never in my whole career (9 years now) done a wedding on a monday. this wasnt just any monday either it was my youngest's 5th b-day. but i took it, i had to! jeremy is one of my older brothers longest and best friends and when you meet jeremy & tara you cant help but just be happy to work with them! they spared no expense on their wedding it was gorgeous! local JSMB, photog Rebekah westover, cake carries cakes, florist .. me of course! these 3 vendors really pulled it out of the hat on this one!

tara loves texture and her bouquet had it thats for sure. parrot tulips, ranucs, roses, mini callas, dahlias, and a teeny tiny bit of oh so pricey lily of the valley!
there were 15 centerpieces, a fan series of 6 square vases at the head table, and one sign in table arrangements in the empire room where the dinner was held. all tall and large full of curly willow, amaranthus, hydrangea, wax, and roses. upstairs there were 3 more large arrangements, 2 for the alter and one for that sign in table. of course on top of that 10 bouts, and 8 corsages! yeah!

i had absolutely nothing to do with this cake but i couldnt resist taking a pic of this master piece! seriously check this baby out! done by carries cakes i was profoundly amazed by this piece of art! wowsers!

thanks tara & jeremy for just an amazing time! this wedding went off without a hitch and worked out perfect! thanks to two amazing kick back chill people with great tastes!

Monday, April 28, 2008

sara, justin, and once again a forgotten camera

this last weekend was a great clients wedding at red butte gardens, sara geneser. but yet once again i found myself in salt lake setting up my work with no camera! dangit! gratefully one of my most prefered photogs kate benson shot this wedding so watch for pics in the future! thanks sara for a fun event!

then there was justins wedding reception. its rare that i identify work by the groom, most of the time i work with the brides right. well i know justin pretty well, he is a neighbor, friend, and industry vendor, a most amazing pianist. anyhow his bride was from sacramento and i had little interaction with her. they were married at her home town so that left a reception in white, yellow, & cream tones with aqua accents here in utah. i failed to capture their line arrangements and bridal party flowers but please enjoy what i did capture! clients are more important than my own photographs so if i forget myself then i guess thats ok.

had to add this pic of the cake - no offense justin but this is a no no in my artistic opinion. no fake flowers that arent done by an amazing pastry artist on the cake. i had in their contract fresh flowers for the cake too, so i was bummed when my assitant showed up prepared to freelance the cake and found this. it was done with love by a close friend and i suppose thats what makes it good.

tara & jeremy get married today so look for more pics later this week of their wedding.

Friday, April 25, 2008

plump, curvy, & volumptuous

this week has come and gone by so fast. this pic above is tripy right? i love it! simple art! so i have been naughty, i hope you blog readers are not too disappointed in me. for once i have no images of my work from a wedding done. yesterday anthony mott & amberlie madsen wed for love! well no images .... it just escaped me sorry. non the less another great event designed and accomplished. not to worry there will be 3 weddings in the next few days! so more posts coming soon.

these tulips are on their last petal in our cooler, from a wedding a bit ago. they were draping over the bucket so gracefully that i couldnt help but be attracted. i heart tulips when they are full and plump, curvy and natural, and volumptous to end it all! i pose this question, arent we all most beautiful and perfect when we die? no matter when that is ....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

danielle .... outside the box

so why was danielle's wedding outside the box? well lots of reasons ... starting with she was an unusual bride for a utah wedding. she planned way way in advance and booked me clear back in early sept after a month of conversing back and forth for her april 19th wedding. so 9 months out is rare for utah clients. second because she picked a reception center that offers you know those boxed deals. the ones that you sort of one stop walmart shop. though this is convenient i cant say its high quality. danielle insisted upon bringing in outside vendors that better suited her desires, and they let her. she loved her local but not all the deals that came with it. she was well planned and knew what she wanted!

flowers used .... first off bugs and butterflies. ranuculus, roses, lisianthus, bells of ireland, and a few tulip varieties and colors.

loved this cake ... simple yet stunning. we decided on just one tone of color on the cake ... obviously orange, one of my favs! ranucs and tulips adorn this simple yet stunning freelance.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

want a great photog?

i am back from hiatus! yeah! we wont go into how it was ....

want an amazing photog look here .... roze photography! its high time i blog and feature some of the most top notch amazing associates i work with. darla is truly one of the best! much of her photog work is found on my site .... a few examples ....

so if your in the market for a wedding photog .... well what are you waiting for?

and if your not in the market for wedding photography ... darla is one of the most amazing children, maternity, infant, and family photographers i know ...

what are you not good at anyway darla?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

tara & i am going on hiatus so excuse me please!

This is tara's bouquet for her bridal sitting with rebekah westover so stalk that blog here to see better pics hopefully within the next week. this bouquet was fun for me, tara gives me a lot of creative freedom within the feel we are trying to create ... that being a vintage european feel with rich colors and creams and whites. tara loves lily of the valley but ... by the time we placed order i couldnt get them in time for the sitting so i supplimented the look with white wax. other flowers used, dahlias, eggplant mini callas, orange ranucs, white ranucs, orange/yellow parrot tulips, vendella & leonidas roses. wrapped in some of my most fav color of ribbon and a bead pearl design. thanks tara for being so chill and trusting me!

as of tomorrow morning i am on hiatus ... i need to do this now and then to refresh. i will not be answering co emails or calls until tue april 15th. if you are an existing client that needs me emergently, for some odd reason (i am pretty sure all your files are in stable places) call me and leave a voice mail i will check it periodically. thanks & so long till tue.

PS wanted to thank all those that leave amazing comments on my blog! so here is to clients, friends, and admirors that keep me going! loves.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Signature designs & true Designers

not long ago i posted about some of studio stem's signature designs ... see one of our most sought after accent posts here
in case your too lazy to look (i would be!) this is monkey tail and its airbrushed (not painted) black. we often airbrush monkey tail and our signature black callas, its something studio stems is known for. painting or airbrushing takes serious skill to turn out a high quality product that LOOKS natural and doesnt chip, bleed, or stain. i have noticed as of late that a few new designers have popped up on the utah scene. it seems that they think this profession is easy and anything can easily be created, copied, or duplicated and the title designer comes with just the movement of lips and not experience. i am hoping that you get what you pay for with these new "designers" and that their prices match their quality. there are more than a few designers here in utah with serious talent and experience to pick from ... studio stems, whimsy, petals & blooms, stella posy, m&k designs, and roots.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Melanie's colors where black, white, and teal.

ok so i am a feeling rather reluctant about posting this pic ... first cause its a terrible pic in terrible lighting and i am not a pro photog, i usually can do better than this though .... but i did post it cause i think its kind of interesting that the ribbon on this cake corsets down. interesting design. i believe melanie found it in a bridal mag and took it to macy's to duplicate it for her. to bad corset isnt as straight as it should be though ... tried to balance it out with the flowers and i think it helped, at least it took the attention away from just the corset.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

compliments ...

over the years i have received many compliments and thank you notes from clients ... they make doing what i do all worth it. and on occasion i get a compliment from another designer and this makes my heart flutter! the other day i was checking my stats (and honest something i dont do often) and i realized i was getting hits off my site from a blog of someone i dont know .... so i went there to check it out and THIS is what i found. lets just say artistically my head got big for a few days but i have calmed down now. i really appreciate being seen as an artist and recognized for my work. amazing to me that someone i dont know and doesnt know me thinks this of me, kind of overwhelming. i didnt used to be so good at taking compliments, they are hard for me to believe but i am getting better at it i think! thanks.