Friday, June 29, 2007

becca becca becca

This is Becca's bridal sitting bouquet. Of course I have enhanced the image on photoshop but i couldnt help it! Doesnt it look great! especially cause i am not a photographer so my lighting on my own pics is not that great. Beccas wedding is at the end of july and i am looking forward to her event! her bouqet is blue hydrangea's (a good choice if you really want a natural blue in your color scheme) red mini callas, and green button mums.

Elise's 3rd

Remember I said Elise had a few bouquets designed, well this is the last one. I am sorry to be done designing for this fun and exciting bride. This last bouquet is yellow cymbidium orchids, purple iris, red mini callas, and some lemon leaf.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Crystal pink

Wow, this turned out to be one of my favorites! this was a simple order with just a bouquet and a few boutineers and bracelets. Crystal's bouquet was created out of hot pink mini calla lilies, hot lady roses, pink peonies, & green button mums.

the braclets turned out to be really unique, i hope you liked them crystal, this is a good example of how i sort of adjust to circumstances. she wanted them to have the hot lady roses on top of the bracelet but they simply didnt look right, so i took the petals off the hot lady rose and made sort of a half circle flower with a button mum as the center. as it turns out they fitted the bracelet so perfectly and i was really pleased with the look. might even play a little with this one just for fun!


This is Elise's bouquet and her husbands boutineer. Elise has been very fun for me! She will eventually have 3 different sets of flowers from me. the 1st was her bridal bouquet posted a while back, the 2nd is this for her wedding day, and the third will be for her reception in a week. what an ideal client for me, allowing me so much variety! Every set as been different flowers. These are bright red and yellow gerb daisies, puprle phlox and lisianthus wrapped in red satin ribbon and silver wiring. thanks elise you looked gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my pet orchid

This is my pet orchid. I havent named it yet. Its my mothers day present from one of my favorite stores TRADER JOES. I love exotic unusual things, and of course i love them even more if they are of floral nature! This variety of orchid in this color reminds me of our tarantula's (i know i didnt spell that one right!)


Amnesia is the color of these roses. Isnt it so unique. they look almost fake even in real life it just doesnt seem that this could be a real color. Its one of the more unique varities i have ever worked with. i love it! it as if the rose has forgotten what color to be and has gracefully antiqued itself. i put this arrangement together for wedding wishlist but have changed plans so now it graces my orem office for a change!

you will also see my new company logo here! isnt it perfect! i am so excited about some facelifting we will be doing in the near future on the web site and our ads. This logo will be our consistency and when you see it you will know its the work of Studio Stems! thanks so much to rebekah for all her help and friendship (both personaly and professionaly)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The last few weeks I have taken some time off of actual events and I am focusing on some business office stuff and my own family. Its been a nice break that is nearing the end! One of my projects has been to go through the mass abundance of bridal magazines that exist in my offices. Some I have aquired and most have been given to me by brides who are done planning. I have magazines that date back to my wedding nearly 10 years ago and up to recent. I have got to clean them out and be sure that I have all that I want out of them. While doing this I stumbled upon a Martha Stewart Wedding article that is entitled "finding a florist." Dont we have so much to thank Martha for, thanks Martha for all you have taught me and all the great pictures you have supplied for our idea books and most of all for the great articles that inform my clients of necessary things to know, I am glad it comes from not just my mouth! Here are excerpts from the article.

"In a way, the flowers you choose for your wedding represent all of your hopes for your marriage. More than decoration, they are symbols of true love, friendship, fidelity, abundance, and passion. But as symbols go , they are also delicate, ephemeral, bewildering, and costly. So it pays to enlist the help of a true professional, someone who can help you weed through the choices and whose vision matches yours."

"The term florist is actually a very general one; it can refer to anyone from the neighborhood shop owner to the floral or event designer who can oversee the entire visual presentation of the event. Most wedding florist fall somewhere in between."

(just in case there is question i am a floral event designer. I do provide the simpliest of bridal party flowers but have the capabilities for the entire dream)

"If you hire a professional who will help you conceptualize and will execute the look of the entire wedding, find an event designer, who is to a wedding what a decorator is to a house. With an event designer, you can rest assured that no details will be forgotten. Just remember this piece of mind comes at a premium. Much more than with a traditional florist or shop owner, service and creative input make up a substantial part of the bill. This can be a worth while investment, but as with all aspects of your wedding planning, to make this decision you must first determine your flower budget"

I hope this helps considering or future clients understand my prices and what they are aquiring when they hire me. I also hope that it helps the clients of the past that struggled with my bill to understand its ultimate total.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding Wish List

This is a new store front that Studio Stems is involved with. Wedding Wish List is run by this really great guy Jeff Perri. He is smart and innovative, he has made it easy for all you couples to go enjoy the comforts of this store and find out information and receive referals on different vendors in the area that he has highly screened to be the best quality. We are priviledged to be one of those vendors and proud to have a display in Wedding Wish List. Its a fun relaxing atmosphere! This also will be a location that I am available to meet with clients wether you have found me through Wedding Wish List or not, Located at 10915 S. State in Sandy this is a perfect location for my Salt Lake brides!

Above is a bouquet that i put together for my display for the week, it is fresh so expect it to be changing. This gives me a unique opportunity to do some things that I want to as a designer. In the end I am just a simple artist and that is what keeps Studio Stems alive. To be honest I dont favor the business end of things, but I am passionate about my true work! This bouquet is made out of dark purple scabiosa, fabulously featherd tulips, white lisianthus, and Italian Ruscus leaves. It is wrapped in black silk ribbon with a classic pear line. The other pictures are of the store itself. I love the well stained concrete floors and even more so the fabuluosly done concrete countertops! Thanks Jeff for the invitation I am delighted! Go visit Wedding Wish List NOW!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

sneak peak

here is a sneak peak at this last weekends weddings. there were 2! this is natalie brown's bouquet. she was a delight to work with and I was delighted by the outcome of the designs we created for her. her bouquet included; cymbidium orchids, mini calla lilies, monkey tail, variagated lily grass, cherry blossom branches and curly willow. we also did Jessie Elders wedding on saturday. i have next to no pictures of my own from either of these weddings, i was just way to busy to worry about that but thankfully i worked all weekend with one of my great associates darla from roze photography so be looking for more and better pics of both weddings soon to come!