Sunday, September 30, 2007

natacha revisited

Just got pro pics back from the amazing rebekah of natacha's wedding from the beginning of sept. my work always looks better in the eyes of her camera! thanks a million girl! Natacha's colors where slate blue, orange, and white. might seem strange to you potential clients out there but serioulsy the oddest color combos usually make for the most unique and amazing floral designs. the ladder shots are from bridals and the bouquet was sort of vintage modern and unique in color and texture. her wedding day bouquet was captured beautifully by becky from every angle possible it seems. a very different bouquet requiring unique tastes but as an artist one of my favs!

Friday, September 28, 2007

tiny perfection

rebecca wanted a small bright red mini gerb bouquet for her rustic country girl bridal sitting that also included red boots! darling. i loved that she wanted short stems and a country look. thought this wrap was perfect, red satin ribbon with twine and a cute red tie. cant beat my homemade rustic dishwasher food vases from trader joe products, some of my favorite things!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

kamilla ... like pamilla

when i first met kamilla i really struggled with her name until she said like pamilla with a "k" now i wont ever forget her unique name. this bride had great taste in color and they were .... eggplant, green, and white. her bouquet was made of green cymbidium orchids, (everyone seems to want these latley so i have been posting a lot of them!) white akito roses, super green roses, and eggplant mini calla lilies.

Monday, September 24, 2007

pro bono

what positive words are associated with pro bono other than "free"? well i hope charity, giving, considerate, empathetic and a whole lot of other attribute describing words that i might want to be. every once in a while i feel inclined to help a client out that is struggling financially but suits studio stems otherwise. this does not mean that a million or even 5 brides should call and ask if i can help them, i rarely do this and pick them based on spiritual intuition. pictured above is tiffany's bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets. the bridesmaids bouquets were simple but splendid. regular calla lilies, (only 3 of them which makes for a budget friendly bouquet,) collared by mag leaves, (some of my favorites,) and wrapped in deep red satin ribbon. gorgeous! and fallish which is my favorite time of year ... well almost. the brides bouquet was very textured with white mini callas, eggplant mini callas that were given a deep red spray, red ranuculus (which so many of you brides love but keep in mind how very seasonal these flowers are with short spring seasons and even shorter fall seasons,) deep red dahlias, green cymbidium orchids, cushion mums, and mag leafs.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Middle of this week, wednesday, was emma toblers wedding. extravagant doesnt begin to describe this unusual utah event. most brides here dont put on weddings of this nature so i was excited to yet again be involved in one more tobler wedding. pictures are sort of posted backwards. sorry!

starting with this awesome cake that i had nothing to do with but couldnt resist photographing and adding to the blog isnt it killer? carries cakes are the proud creators of this masterpiece. and it was sooo good too!

next is emma & nate's getaway vehicle, not a car, not a bike, not anything less than over the top, of our heads that is. a helicopter. it was this amazing color of orange and beautiful itself. this was emma's gift to nate and was a surprise for him. (at least i hope it was! so many people talking about it who knows!)

boutineer - white calla, lemon leaf, and stephanotis.

this was emma's bouquet from the ceremony,(stayed the same for the reception i just freshened it up and added feathers,) white steph with black centers, white tulips, white calla lilies, white casablanca lilies, and black calla's. simple black wrap with white pearl pins. short in stem length.

this white plate adorned with black rocks big and small with one large football mum and a tiny stephanotis bloom was a modern sleek cab table centerpiece.

the other centerpieces were similar to the enormous trees at the ceremony (pictured below) black manzanita branches in a gorgeous clear vase with black rocks at the base, adorned by streeming orchid leis flown in from hawaii the night before as well as lilies hung to add texture. the looked exceptional looking at them all in a row. unique and modern just like emma.

the ceremony was adorned by huge black aspen trees in black pots filled with the same rocks we used at the reception. these trees had 10 orchid leis and 20 lilies per tree. they were the perfect backdrop for their beautiful ceremony. studio stems provided the perfect black chairs for their small intimate amount of guests attending. at each row there were black river rocks and single blooms of orchids at the base.

tobler weddings are always unforgetable, different and amazing. i am so grateful to be their chosen designer and for the experiences. kenneth linge was the photog and i have hunch this one will be featured. its exotic, different, and expensive how could it not be? matt with living art digital was the video man of the day and i just love working with him, he is the best i know!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sneak a peak

sneak a peak at these cool designs form amanda's wedding. why only a sneak a peak ... well dustin izatt was the photog at this one and i trust him to get amazing shots for me and i hear he stayed all night so i cant wait to see the whole wedding on his site. (plus i didnt get many shots of my own for some strange odd reason) anyhow i would really like to thank amanda & steve and amanda's mom kim for one of the funnest and best client relationships i have had in all my career. amanda you are just darling and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with you!

Monday, September 17, 2007


all pics from karla's conrad ranch wedding last week ... mind you better ones are to come hopefully from kate benson. love working with the girls! all 3 (bridal sitting, wedding day, and reception day) bouquets were all basically the same. karla's new daughhters bouquet was a mimic of hers but smaller and with monkey tail. the centerpieces, buffet, and cake flowers were all in a ribbon pattern theme of brown and blue. darling! casablanca lilies, calla lilies, green hypericum berries, akito roses, lemon leaf, white and blue hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids, and lisianthus. thanks karla for a fun gorgeous experience.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

rebekah the talented

there isnt much better about a career you run yourself ... except doing it with friends! i am so grateful that rebekah and i work together so often. i refered jen osorio to her and i am so glad jen loved rebekahs work as much as i do, because without all this i would not have great pics of my work. so you see ... rebekah and me.

this wedding is now a featured wedding on my site, called "osorio" the pics are amazing and so are the flowers (thanks jen for allowing me the creative freedom to create some of my best work (in my opinion))

afeatured gallery is a good place for potential clients to see just how much flowers add to the whole event.

Monday, September 10, 2007

gorgeousness (cause its a word to me!)

This is one of my favorite bouquets ... probably because it is made out of some of my favorite flowers to work with and favorite combinations of texture, and of course some of my fav colors too. its for karla's bridal sitting, be watching for her wedding designs coming up this weekend. what is so awesome about karla is that she picked some very trendy chic colors, blue and brown, but she did not limit herself to those colors flower wise and was willing to go to some cool places with floral designs and use her colors more as accents and just have gorgeous flowers. some of her flowers at the wedding will include blue hydrangeas, misted carnation pomanders, curly willow and some brown monkey tail (i hope, we are having problems getting it in!) but most of her flowers are whites and greens. and might i say gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!

this bouquet is white hydrangeas, white lisianthus, green cymbidium orchids, white akito roses, green hypericum berries, and a little lemon leaf. wrapped in blue satin ribbon and white pearl beading.

thanks karla! oh and kate benson is karla's lovely photographer so be looking at her blog as well and look forward to much better pics. i love my photog friends! thanks kate!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

friendship tree

this is the tree that brought me friendship. its simple ... its the reason i know cynthia dean. of course the tree that caught her eye was made from fresh flowers but i have now finally gotten around to making her a permanent silk one. so this, sin, is for your birthday and for the million thank you's i owe you, for giving me the best haircuts i have ever had in my life under diress non the less. and most of all for being my friend. not that this compensates justily but i know you want it. love you. cynthia dean owns enizio the best on site hair and makeup artistry company in the world!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

color is everything ....

at first look its odd right? look again and its gorgeous! this is one of my all time favorite bouquets for so many different reasons, but it takes some getting used to. first off natacha graced my abilities with unique colors, blue, orange, eggplant, and white. not your average wedding combination but wow what an impact. the hues are interesting in this bouquet. soft barely blue hydrangea's are the bed, eggplant mini callas, and yellow/red tipped mini callas (side note that orange is rare to find in mini callas without some painting involved and natacha wanted to keep these natural,) white lizzy, curly willow here and there, monkey tail in its natural color of eggplant, and finally stephanotis with a perfect blue crystal center. i didnt have the time to get more than just a few shots of the bouquet so once again i will rely on my trusty friend rebekah westover for pics later on.