Thursday, August 30, 2007

two bouquets

two bouquets that just got lost in all my business and need to be posted. the first is emmas second bridal sitting bouquet (oh wait i am having de ja ... oh well) its beadimir style so flowers are bunched in layers of their types. airbrushed black mini callas adorn the top, then a layer of white lizzy, akito roses, and white stephanotis with black pearl head centers create the white plethura and a black feather boa at tha base finish it off. black satin ribbon and one of our signature rhinestone buckles adorn the wrap. Emma's wedding is the 18th and i cant wait it will be our most exotic of the year i think. we also have natacha, amanda, karla, tiffany & kamilla coming up in the next 6 weeks.

the second bouquet might look familiar its exactly like melissa's bridal sitting bouquet. its classic sahara roses with an ivory wrap and sage green over lay ballet wrap. her wedding was this last weekend and all i had time to get pics of was her gorgeous simple classic bouquet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

check out my friend pink piggy

Last weekend my friend Megan was at the Bridal Extravaganza @ the Grand America Hotel. I did some flower arrangements for her to liven up the booth and give it, color, texture, and variety. Her booth was the best designed there it looked awesome! It was a great show with lots of brides!!!! Matt my photog friend was there as well. Any of you brides who passed these booths by check out their sites! Megan is the most innovative, creative, and unique invitation designer I know. Her work is incredible art!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


sorry for the influx of pics i just coudnt narrow it down! i met karlee in early spring and she was sure i was the right florist for her the second saw my work. we designed and carried out her entire event, from location, chairs, linens, flowers, and fish! some of our clients dont know that we do this, well now you do (at least the few of you who read the blog!) karlee's colors where magenta, eggplant, lime green, and orange. she wanted lots of color, very tropical to go along with her husbands polynesian heritage. the only thing that was remotely more american traditional was her bouquet and that was mostly in shape not flowers or colors.

we started with a blank canvas, the sunset room at cedar hills golf course. we set up pipe and draping to cover the less attractive parts of the room and create the right flow for vendors and guests. 18 round tables, 3 head banquet tables, one cake table, 2 buffet tables, sign in, and gift table, 160 chairs later the base was set to go. linens where white to the ground. 6 tables had green overlays, 6 eggplant, 6 magenta. all chairs had orange sashes. head table was all white to the floor linens along with cake, sign in, buffet, and gift tables. head table centerpieces consisted of a round vase filled with orange and eggplant callas, fugi spider mums, roses, and cockscomb. all vases had ti leaves wrapped inside. to each side of the head table vase was a set of three long, short, rectangle vases filled with single colors of single flowers, some cockscomb some fugi mums and eggplant mini callas. each table was set with a trio of vases all rectangular filled with single colors each in compliments to the linen color. karlee's bouquet was hot lady roses, white spray roses, eggplant mini callas, button mums, purple trachelium, orange mini callas, orange unique roses, and hot pink cockscomb. wrapped in eggplant satin ribbon with a green wire crossed overlay. her groom wore a traditional grooms hawaiian lei. leis also adorned the rest of the bridal party.

this was a sit down private intimate dinner reception for 160 guests. no expense was spared. the one picture missing is great large buffet pieces once again filled with a plethura of gold fish! thanks karlee!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


pics from a wedding i did last friday for an old friends son. it was an open house up provo canyon at a city park. the pavillion was gorgeous and the environment even more so! cant beat city prices either. it was crowded though with several receptions going on in several pavillions. made for some confusion too! amber and scott's colors where red, cream, and brown. we used silver dollar euc for greenery, lots of curly willow, red regular tulips and parrot, red mini gerbs, vendela roses, freesia, & freedom roses. we also provided the linens, something clients may not know we do. we used a cream to the ground base with a chocolate overlay, gorgeous. the cooler canyon breeze made the evening even more pleasant.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


i have been tagged by rebekah westover ... so lets get this done! thanks becky. i enjoy reading these more than writing them but here it goes ....

a few random things about me, following becky's lead of course because its 12:32 in the middle of the night cant sleep and have lost all creativity:

1. favorite food, for sure with no doubt SUSHI! i cant live without HAPPY SUMO!

2. favorite book, right now its the twilight series and if had a favorite actor or star it would be edward cause there is no other fictional character that i am more obsessed and in love with than him.

3. favorite place, san fran of course. for those that dont know me i really did leave my heart there to some degree. this is the city in which i found myself who i really am and what i really believe. it is also the city in which i endured the most difficult times of my life.

4. fears, i share some of the same with becky, sharks are the worst! i dream about being attacked! i used to dream when i was pregnant that it was a shark in my belly no a baby and that it would eat from the inside out! getting fat is also one of mine, here is the catch with that one, i am not exactly skinny so maybe i should say getting fatter! i also fear anything and everything i can conjure up in my head (and i do!) that would put my 3 children and gorgeous hubby in danger.

5. i am super spiritual, not just in a religious sense but just spirit wise, i consider myself a very in tune person and very sensitive. i care very deeply and passionatly about those in my life and i feel everything intensly.

6. other passions, love snowboarding! good thing winter is slow wedding season cause if it was busy i still wouldnt be making any money i just cant stay away!

7. i am the proud mother of a disabled child, (and two darling others! storie & stockton) her name is saylor jae and she has spina bifida she is 4.5. cant have any more kids so that is it!

8. i used to be blonde. sort of unaturally blond but most of my life i have been pretty light haired with the exception of the last 2-3 years. i have never felt more like myself than now!

9. i love tarantulas and often have them as pets in my home. my favorite was a zebra tarantula from brazil!

10. i love to design homes. thus why nate and i are always building, selling, and redoing etc.... its nice that we make money along the way too!

well that was torture i am not really that intersting after all. i think i should have paid someone to write this for me. or this whole tagging thing should work different like the person who tags has to write about the person they are tagging. but then again i dont know if becky could even come up with 10 interesting things about me that are random at all. anyhow hope this was entertaining.

i tag....
1. kate benson
2. jessie elder
3. megan bailey (guess this means its time to get your blog posted!)
4. matt christensen
5. whoever else reads my blog that has one, yeah thats right your all tagged by me!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

how come it doesnt show?

Emma ... my sister like friend is getting married. This is the first of two bridal sitting bouqets. kenneth linge is the photog! emma, well emma, is unique in so many ways .... i adore her! she has allowed me a lot of artistic freedom within the peramators of her colors and what i know about her. this allows me to .... well be artsy fartsy! so exciting! good change for me to freelance in true art style. exuberating! (yes once again i already know how many speeling errors i have!) i am not a big fan of cascade bouquets but i like the natural curves of flowers and how artsy this style can be when done appropriatly. i also find it to be very challenging. emma mentionted that she might want to dable in this style a bit and so i went for it. so this is my version of cascade. its in a frame made of black curly willow so its still stem held. black and white callas, mini white gerbs, white lizzy, akito roses, tulips, and lily grass adorn this piece. so why is the post called why doesnt it show? cause these pics just dont do this bouquet justice by any means at all. my greatest pieces never turn out great pics its so very frustrating. i know kenneth will get some great shots but prying them out of his hands for me might be a challenge considering that he photog'd emma's sisters wedding, carrie, a few years back and i am still waiting on those pics. anyhow hopefully i will get some cause emma, her dress is custom made white with black polka dots and her hair was amazing, finger waved into an old hollywood vintage style.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


amanda scheline is one of my fav clients. why? she reminds me so much of myself! hope its not just me that sees the reseblences. anyhow this is her bridal sitting bouquet. look out for better pics in the future on our blog and site from dustin but for now check him out on his blog!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

gran peterson

an arrangement i made for grandma peterson .... this wonderful woman i knew. she wasnt my grandma but when i was with her i felt like she could be. a few years back i enjoyed a fun filled girl week at disneyland with this exuberant woman. she is the mother of my good friend dianne and the grandmother of my long time childhood friends matt and erin. she passed away last saturday from a long battle with cancer.

oh so jen

last weekend studio stems designed the flowers for jen osorio. these flowers were oh so jen. she trusted me, she gave me an idea of what she liked, what style and the colors and i went to it. no prior designs involved. this freedom allows me to perform at my best. it was a wedding that filled me with giddy butterflies of proudness, her flowers were gorgeous and so very much her! as an artist i much prefer this type of client simply because it allows me to be what i truely am and not just my own instruction follower. sometimes when i have desings stamped out on paper, i loose the natural ability of the flowers and my free spirit and instead force things. the result is always good but the experience is not as rejuvinating. well i am rejuvinated now! thanks jen. there arent too many pics here .... there were some amazing pieces not pictured but my most lovely rebekah westover was the photog so watch her blog and wait for my own disc to be handed to me and then great pics will be up both on the site and blog.

flowers used at her wedding: curly willow, fish, dragon lillies, button mums, drumsticks, roses, alstromeria, poms, stephanotis, hydrangea, tulips, eryngium, leucodendron, freesia, and of course carnation and button pomanders!

yet another disclaimer for those that this bugs ... i do know i have a grammer problem. how do you spell grammer anyway? grammer or grammar? love you guys!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


so i thought it was about time to send some props to my peep neena! if you havent met her yet she is my lovely assistant, and by lovely i truly mean that! i cant take her anywhere without guys sticking to her like she was a fly strip ... that is how gorgeous she is. she is more than gorgeous, she is a friend, family even! she is someone i can hang out with and enjoy, someone i can just be me around, someone who shares my passions for design, music, well almost everything! better yet she loves how terrible my grammar is! she is incredibly smart, experienced, and wise for her age! we enjoy standing on the shoulders of idiots together! I am honored to be around someone making such choice decisions in her life.

She has been working for me almost a year now but more intensly for 6 months. she is and was easy to train and has some natural design talent, which makes it that much easier. she worked so hard for me this weekend, we put in a good 14 hour day on friday and then another long day on saturday, almost the same for the weekend prior and probably will be for the forthcoming weekends too! such is the life of a wedding floral designer. studio stems is so busy that i dont know what i would do with out her! THANKS NEENA!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

somewhere out of time

This was another one of last weekend's weddings, Heather and Drew. Great clients, great flowers, gorgeous results! It was at Somewhere Inn Time bed and breakfast reception center in Lindon. Gorgeous outside, not so great inside! I have never done a wedding there and I have an incling of suspision that I wont ever again! why? I dont want to!!!!!! I have never been treated so badly as an outside vendor in a reception center than at Somewhere Inn Time! I am busy enough now that though I might be burning a bridge right now, I dont seem to mind. Of course I could regret it later, only time will tell. but as for now I am out of time for them!

Heather's bouquet was regular calla lillies, pink cymbidium orchids, air brushed pink football mums, white lisianthus, curly willow, and airbrushed brown mini drumstick alium. wrapped in brown satin ribbon and pearls.

Bridesmaids, regular calla's airbrushed soft pink and wrapped in pink. Maid of Honor is duplicate of brides without orchids and smaller.

Centerpieces were large champagne glasses, (that Somewhere Inn Time people told me would never look good with callas as long as they are!) regular size ivory calla lillies, curly willow and pink peonies! I love the way the design turned out and I am so pleased with how well balanced it was.

On site out doors was gorgeous! and Heather and Drew looked amazing! Bridal party was one of the best dressed I have ever seen in my career!


One of the weddings we designed last weekend was deborah's these are pics from her flowers. the colors were obviously red, yellow, and creams with black accents. her flowers turned out gorgeous!

her bouquet was made out of white football mums (great substitute for peonies in the off season) red dahlias, yellow & cream roses, & white freesia. wrapped in pale yellow satin ribbon with black pearl beading.

boutineers were drumstick alium for the groom and ring bearer. the others not pictured were made out of white freesia.

bridesmaid bouquets: all white freesia wrapped in red satin ribbon

pin on corsages were these amazing gloriosa lilies.

centerpieces were in darling black urns and filled with white lilies, drumstick alium, yellow & cream roses, alstromeria, salal, and plumosa! darling!

so why is this post called bucket? well let me explain. sometimes i post things that i think will help clients and potential clients understand why i do things the way i do and what exactly i am. this is one of those times. the bucket brings confusion to more than a few clients. so let me explain what it is ..... its a container that holds water .... i am just kidding! ok so i always arrive on site with a bucket that contains flowers for on site work. even if everything is put together back at the shop its good business to be prepared to freshen or replace something or add a last minute need for the client etc... often times when we freelance or actually work on site several buckets come with us .... one of these will be "the bucket". what is "the bucket" its those extra flowers that studio stems aquires at our own expense for your weddings. the client has not paid for them! we do this as a safety net for us but it is a company expense, a necessary one. so because the client does not pay for them should we not need them they are property of studio stems. often times clients see this bucket and assume it is theirs they paid for it and it should be used at there wedding. this is not always so. you will get what you paid for and it will be fresh, thus the bucket in case something is not. but should you need something in addition you will be invoiced for these flowers! i love you all ... even if your confused!