Sunday, March 30, 2008

5 posts in 1

so mixed in with all the craziness of GTU and the show was a wedding. Tamara's colors were hot orange, pink, and green. i only took images of just this one sign in table arrangement. why you ask well because i just had no time but i didnt want to miss a pic of this piece you see its special. heather my new assitant is learning so fast and really this is the first thing i put all in her hands without mimic - ing me or giving her much more than just do it instructions ... she did a gorgeous job and i just love having her work for me! great job heather!

A gold wishing tree and the bridal show. oh the tree .... k so wishing trees are for your guests to sign their wishes on and hang, doubles as decor obviously! great for dinner type receptions and also a good alternative to a book. the show was great, i want to thank all the new clients and potential clients that stopped by and also thank megan at pink piggy design for a great day spent with a great friend!

Enizio .... they just know! that is how to work with associates! they have created mini portfolios on their site for associates they work with including me ... Brilliant! i will follow suit sometime soon i think! cynthia the owner is just stellar at what she does so if you are looking (and you should be if your a bride)for makeup and hair you must contact her! you must!

Ranuculus are some of my most favorite flowers and especially in orange .. i heart orange! got a few for the whole soup can thing and today they were so open so i couldnt help but take a simple pic of a simple love ....

on a very personal note ... my personal life seen through the eyes of davina fear

Friday, March 28, 2008

soup cans & bridal shows ...

for those of you who watched me on GTU this morning these are the soup cans we took on the show! this was a really fun idea for me and a good DIY project. so easy just really really cleaned out soup cans wrapped in great paper! PS click on the GTU icon above to see the clip ...

i will be at the grand america bridal extravaganza tomorrow from 11-6 - the first 4 brides to come and tell me these two words can take a soup can of flowers home with them! the words ... dancing monkey. cant wait to see you there!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

where the good things are ...

tomorrow this is where i will be showcasing studio stems and the bridal extravaganza ... just remember i am 10 lbs thinner then i look!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

paying tribute

its pretty rare to see a funeral flower post on this blog .... i am no funeral florist but my skills come in handy when it comes time to pay tribute to one i love that has passed on, its very healing for me to create art in tribute to someone i admire. My grandfather passed away this last sat ... just after the tragic wedding ended (which by the way i just found out that bride still left saying this was the most beautiful and best day of my life, way to go girl, bring that good attitude home!) my grandpa and i actually had some time to discuss funeral flowers and he said pee weed would due just find and make it traditional and something your grandma would like ... did the best i could ....

Monday, March 24, 2008


this may have been the most tragic wedding i have yet to be involved with .... and i see a good 30-50 weddings per year. aubrey is a friend of mine so this made things all that more emotional.

the caterer's health failed him just mere hours before the reception and as he was rushed to the hospital i rushed home to get a change of clothes to help out with the food when the floral decor was done. shortly after my arrival i found my friend aubrey distraught ... her grandmother and 2 aunts had been t-boned and pushed into a house on their way to the reception her parents witnessed the whole thing as they were driving just behind them. then the groom ate the wrong layer of cake, the one he was allergic to ... what next right? needless to say the event looked amazing! an asian theme green, white, black and dark eggplant color scheme. the bride looked amazing even as distraught as she was and she did an amazing job holding it all in! this is just a sneak peak ... i know we will get pics from the photog down the road a bit ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

personal challenge ...

so when your a floral designer and a mormon you often must use your talents to benefit the sista's in your ward! tonight is our RS b-day party and who else would be called upon to provide centerpieces on no budget .... this kind of stuff is hard for me to come up with .. i need to have a better attitude its just way hard to get into for some reason. so i decided to challenge myself ... i needed to get 8 centerpieces done in 30 minutes out of ONLY stuff in my work room. here is what turned out ... i am actually proud of what came out the other end of the challenge and it was much funner!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

recommended read 4 brides

bride and bloom is a must have mag for brides that have set floral design as a priority! it has amazing examples of color combinations like in the pic below and other amazing and pertinent info regarding your wedding flowers ... must have! check out the site for bride & bloom!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

laynie & kyle revisited

pics courtesy of Lindsay Jane - sends me tons of biz! that is MUCH appreciated!

when i see these two i just smile! they were so cool and so perfect for each other! despite the centerpiece complications i really loved working with this couple!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

lucky ducky

the other business arm of me has been focused a lot on marketing and advertising my moms new custom baby and children's boutique .... pantywaist & co ... and its almost launch party day!

be one of the firsts to place an order and pick a duck from the bucket ... its yours to keep and if your lucky, your ducky will have a discount on it to apply to your order. there are only 24 ducks though so come early!



all our products already produced will be for sale ... first come first serve! but take it at the end of the day because they are samples for custom orders ...

just a taste of what we will have there ....

darling michael miller fabric rockin guitar/stripe boy crib set that includes - sheet, skirt, bumpers, quilt, and pillow!

another darling bright and fun circles, dots, stripes, and solids michael miller fabrics for a fun spirited baby girl crib set includes sheet, skirt, bumpers, quilt and pillow

grocery cart covers that are fun and unique and fight those germs! can double for a public high chair cover. works on both and has many fun accessories to store those little things your little one needs

samples of nursery hardware that are irresistable and can be dropped shipped right to your door!

fun VW bus free spirit fabric tee-pee's for play time along with many other play time funs!

there will also be all in stock bolts of fabric for custom orders to choose from!
here are a FEW fabric samples for a sneak peak.

there will also be darling aprons for moms and tots too!

not to mention an amazing maternity and children's photographer! darla roze! & another amazing artist megan with pink piggy custom designed invitations and announcements!

so all you studio stems blog stockers please come and bring your friends too! want to make me super happy, blog about it!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Laynie's flowers were as gorgeous as her! she wanted bright, fun, and textured. we used mokara orchids, asiatic dragon lilies, yellow freesia, curly willow, calla lilies in several colors, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, anemone, and berzilia throughout the wedding.

what is not having a headache worth? i think knowledge is excedrin and i am going to use this wedding as an example of what happens when a client chooses to provide some of their own supplies rather than rent. first off i want laynie to know what a kick back cool bride she was and how well she took things in stride! she was and is a great client! and for the clients out there who still insist on providing their own product thats fine we will still take you in most cases but be warned the migraine is coming on!

laynie wanted centerpieces in the same style as a wedding we did last year "osorio". tall fluted glass vases filled with gold fish and flowers. her family happened to fall upon similar shaped vases and thought it might save them money and hassle to buy them and provide them themselves. i am not aware of what they paid for them so i cant say that our rental price underbid their buying price but i am willing to bet! we rent those vases in tall for $10 each and xtra tall for $15. when i received a sample of the vase to design with it was about half the size of our medium ones. this changed things a lot. they also thought they might provide their own goldfish. goldfish, the feeder kind, are quiet cheap at some places only 10 cents a piece. so why pay us to provide them? have you thought about who and when they will be aquired on the day of? even if you have a plan this is an added stress in the day. have you thought about how to treat the water and acclimate it so that the fish live through the reception? there is no time for me to do that if the fish just suddenly arrive at the reception ready to be dumped in vases. this makes for murdered fish. is it not worth the headache to pay someone to do this? one of the profound effects of the osorio's vases was how many fish where in the vase, we were not able to do this with laynie's vases because they were much smaller and fish need space and oxygen to breath, the ratio wouldn't work. last but not least the vases arrived unopened and unclean and some where broken. now what, too many flowers not enough vases? is it not worth not having a headache i ask you? some clients dont think a headache is too much to handle. whats difficult for me is that in the end who does this reflect on? more than not people need someone to blame or place identity on and its usually me in cases like this.

in the end her centerpieces were still soooo gorgeous and looked amazing in the orangerie at red butte gardens! it worked out beautifully, it most often does if you have great vendors who can problem solve and problem solve fast!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

aubrey .... my other name

yesterday was aubrey's bridal sitting. and yes i get called aubrey quiet often. in fact my hub called me aubrey for our first few dates, i ignored it and pretended he was right cause he was just so dang cute! aubrey is an aquantance of mine who has become a pretty good friend through all this planning of wedding business, we have even spent several days boarding on the slopes together, we have very similar personalities. her colors are mostly green & black with some cream and white's as well as a touch of eggplant. her bouquet was white hydrangea base with white mini callas, eggplant mini callas, & of course our signature black mini callas. dont forget the super green roses and a ti leaf color, black swiss satin wrap with pearl line. classic studio stems. i guess thats why she picked me! sometime in the near future i am sure we will have pics of how this bouquet looked with this stunning bride from dustin izatt!

Monday, March 03, 2008

season has begun at studio stems

arent those shoes just killer? this is laynie, this is a shot from her bridals a few weeks ago, courtesy of lindsayjanephotography. her wedding is this week and also begins a rush of much. our season has begun there are few luls from now until i take time off in august. so i thought i would rush this darling pic in on the blog before it got too crazy. today was aubrey's bridal and hopefully tomorrow or wed i will have pics on the blog of her crazy beautiful bouquet!

life is complicated

this past weekend presented me with a interesting opportunity... on a personal note .... about 4 years ago my husbands best friend passed away. we have stayed very close to his wife and family. he died very young at the age of 26 leaving behind a young wife and kids. today his wife got remarried to a brilliantly perfect man in the same situation, his wife has too passed away. this was a bitter sweet thing for me. and i found myself emotional for both joyous and sorrowous reason, very strange but beautiful. it pushes you to places that make you stretch and grow and for that i am grateful! life is complicated ... that is what i thought about today as i watched a couple in love try to blend new and old in laws. it was a small very private and intimate thing and of course my gift to this friend was whatever flowers she wanted ... turns out her new love of her life gave her pink tulips the first time he gave her flowers and she wanted to keep it simple. pink tulips only ... with a little studio stems artistic wrap and flair. i hope this new couple knows how much i love them and support them!