Friday, January 25, 2008

some changes

some things have been changing around here ... a new site in our signature colors of black and green prompted me to lighten up on the blog colors. i get bored way to easy and need change along with opportunity to be creative.

next you will notice new lists on the right side of our blog, i expect they will grow rapidly as well. one is other floral designers that i admire all over the world and here locally, yep you heard right ... here locally. seem a little odd? thought it might to a few, but what it really comes down to is that i really admire and enjoy the work of my peers. being competitive about business is not the studio stems way, art and the enjoyment of it is!

there is also a new list of sites or blogs that might help you potential clients in your planning, or just wedding related places of some sorts. beautiful and creative sites and blogs i love. including style me pretty ... a gorgeous site! we will soon be listed on this site in the

i am quiet excited to be handpicked by abby to be part of her creme de le creme of designers ... she is picky and i am flattered! this site and co also has the seal of
non other than ....

who can go wrong with that?

also look for new and exciting informative posts!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

new site - happy birthday!

this morning i woke another year wiser ... and i woke up to find my new site propagated or whatever. great present! same site address or if you have never visited do that NOW!

Monday, January 21, 2008


its coming soon, you heard right! studio stems will have our new site up in a matter of days. in the meantime our old site is still visable and usable please continue to visit but watch out for something new and fresh for 08!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

does studio stems own a monkey?

So studio stems got their hands on some monkey paw this past week ... just for fun! its not a highly sought after floral accent for events, none the less really fun and exotic. Monkey tail is used more widely and often airbrushed to be the perfet color for a client. thought some of you might wonder if we are keeping monkeys or something .... well we are and they are jumping on the beds!

actually we have more than one monkey ... how else would we provide so many of this amazing detail for all of our clients?

Monkey paw and an eccentric bed of fugi spider mums ....

Close up of monkey paws

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grand Brides

Pink Piggy's booth at the grand show this last weekend. Studio Stems was fortunate to provide florals for megan's booth and hang out with her for the day. There were a lot of brides, more than i have seen at any one show in a while, and they came out in not the best of weather, so thanks brides for stopping by, getting some great ideas and checking out the local vendors! Thanks to those that expressed special interest in my designs and set up consults. we are booking up fast!

The best invitation designer at the show ... in her booth! Gorgeous!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'07 ends on a high note

The last wedding of '07 was Merilee Glazier & Devin Killpack and it ended our year on a high note. It was a fabulously artistic and creative wedding thanks to great clients with great tastes, great attention to detail, great vision, great appreciation for my art, and great confidence in me! this event was GORGEOUS! I also was able to work with some of my fav vendors, Rebekah Westover (pictures courtesy of her! she is amazing! thanks bek) and A perfectly catered event staff!

Colors were white, creams, sage green, and blacks. We went with a glass and ice theme and a lot of decor was ice sculptured by chad at swanavations. Gorgeous ice vases complimented some of our flowers for a few centerpieces, other centerpieces included a few trios and some large submerged arrangements. every vase had lighting in it, gems, or some other details including our famous buckles! and oh the tea light vases and candles, finally a client who understands that there can never be enough of these! they were mostly square with a few rounds in specific locations and in the end i think we lite more than 100!

Bouqet was hydrangeas, callas, tulips, stephanotis with white pearls, freesia, roses, and of course wrapped in black swiss satin! bridesmaids were a deconstructed set of the brides bouquet, boutineers were roses, tulips, and of course mini calla's.
centerpieces included a few more additions to add some romantic greens, like amaranthus. I just want to say thanks yet once again to all my clients and specifically the glaziers for a wonderful year and another wonderful event!