Thursday, May 31, 2007


Its not very often that i get a bride who really wants something this different on their wedding day, but when i do ...... oh how grateful i am! its so good for me and so much fun! i really enjoy stretching myself to those places of creativity and i so appreciated this fun tropical exotic bouquet. it includes yellow and white calla lilies, 2 different variety of bamboo shoots and is tied with lily grass. this weekend is busy so be looking for some new posts coming soon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


ok so i am posting something that i do every now and then that i just recently decided to share on the blog. sometimes i just need to do something unusual to keep the juices of creativity flowing. i am pretty sick of the tradtional flowers. i dont want to be, but i am. so i decided to throw a traditional rose bouquet together, not for anyone just for me. i am so busy it is wedding season so my timing seems off but it just felt necessary. so here is a spin on a tradtional rose bouquet. these are akito and sweet akito roses, whats wrong with them? ........ well nothing. i just chopped off all their heads with a pair of shears for fun. i love it in the end. i have always loved cut rose heads, they remind me of ranucs! anyhow enjoy!

more of ray

here is more from the stimpson wedding last weekend.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ray lamontagne

who is ray lamontagne and what does he have to do with this strange picture? well today everything to do with who i am and what i am doing. Today was Tessa Stimpson's wedding. i am going to unusually share some insight ..... this wasnt a wedding i looked forward to. these clients were great clients however there are just times when i am not the best suited designer for someone, and i know this was one of them. it very rarely has anything to do with my designs or their integrity but much more to do with actual business conflicts. So much bad energy jumped into the process that i have spent the last week doing all that i can to be sure that pure fresh good energy comes through me regarding this wedding, in my thoughts, actions, and intentions. i am passionate about my work and about the symbolism of this right of passage and thus i feel strongly that selflessness is required! a few weeks back my assitant Neena introduced me to ray lamontagne music, we listened to his CD yesterday while preparing Tessa's designs. It put me in just the right place, the magic came back and started working through my fingers like i so badly wanted it to. (i cant work when i feel negative about what i am working on) so this afternoon when i found myself driving to the temple to drop off Tessa's bouquet i listened to ray again and felt so calm and peaceful and so very very grateful for the talent of art that i have been blessed with. Her bouquet was there next to me in the drink holder near the steering wheel, an extra set of keys and just in the car when they most often times are. the most important piece always rides by me so there is surety of its well being and there was my trusty SLR on the seat next to me and i thought what a moment ......... and i took a picture.

Friday, May 25, 2007


These stargazers are for Danni Layton's special day! A lot of brides are stargazing this year and love those lillies. Classic red france roses and stephanotis with gems were also used in this bouquet with salal leafs. grooms boutineer was the stephanotis/red gem and other boutineers were our spin on the traditional red rose that you see pictured.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

on the rox?

Jessie will take that on the rox! This is one of my favorited bouquets of all time.... simply because its made out of something most of you would never think you wanted. First of all two of my all time fav flowers are in this bouquet, green cymbidium orchids and mini callas and they are laying on a bed of rox. Rox? yes rox.... the color of pixie carnations bunched together to make the bed of this bouquet. Yes i said carnation. you would have never known. creates a similar effect to coxcomb in this color. The boutineer is made out of a painted orange mini calla and the center of a cymbidium orchid. Jessie's wedding is on June 2nd so be looking for more great photos. Her photographer is my good friend Darla and i am sure that she will be providing much better pics than these for your viewing pleasure sometime soon. Thank you Jessie for being so sweet and allowing me some artistic freedom!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

pink or orange.......or both

Pink or Orange or both. These are the colors of so many brides this year. This was a gorgeous bakyard wedding for Lorlie. She chose hanging ribboned vases at her alter and also this is where the buffet took place after the ceremony. Lorlie was one of my favorite clients, she gave me a good feel of her style and flowers that appealed to her and then left artistic freedom to me. That is for sure how i do my best work and was excited to just create without a format. For the orange flowers i chose tropical amazon roses and parott tulips, for pink i chose sprayed hydrangeas, and dahlias. For greens bublerum was the perfect filler and of course salal leafs. Ribbon choices were strong bold satin colors in varying widths. Thanks Lorlie for such a great experience you were the ideal client! Congratulations!

Monday, May 14, 2007

back in town

I am back in Utah, California refreshed. The first pic is of a wedding i did before i left for mary potter, this is her bouquet and his boutineer. Her bouquet was made out of regular size calla lilies, red tulips, monkey tail, and lily grass. We also added some jewels to this one.
the next few pics are courtesy of my assistant Neena who accomplished a wedding on her own while i was out of town. This wedding was for Tiara Puro one of the happiest sweetest brides i have yet to know! Her flowers of choice consisted of super green & akito roses, brightly colored gerbera daisies, and bublerum filler. Neena you did a great job i am proud! Check out the darling wristlets!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Just wanted to let all clients and potential clients know that i am out of my office and out of town from monday may 7th - sunday may 12th. i will be back in the office on the 13th. I will have minimal internet access, but if you really really need me and its something i can help you with from a distance please call my cell.

Friday, May 04, 2007

long awaited

Many of you have been waiting for the Valerie/David wedding pictures......well here is one! please check out the website i have chosen to make this a featured wedding in my portfolio section. i want to once again thank Rebekah for all the pics!