Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Intorducing Enizio. there is no where else you should consider for your hair and makeup on your wedding day! The very talented owner Cynthia has become a very good friend of mine, her talent is simply amazing. These pictures are of her booth at the gateway wedding show Feb 24th, she was right next to my booth and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Enizio was the behind the scenes reason the models at the fashion show looked so amazing! Enizio offers a unique service with unsurpassable capabilities, they will come to you on your wedding site or photo shoot site to do your hair and makeup. only one look at their portfolio will convince you! visit their site for more info! Enizio


here are the few good pics that i managed to squeeze out of my camera talent from the gateway show this last weekend. it was great show, really fun and different, boutique style. Anne Barge a dress designer graced us with her elegant, unique wedding dress designs. the fashion show was killer! my friends at Enizio did the makeup on all the models. i complimented the mens fashion show with some fun and unique boutineers. i also brought my brilliant orange tree from the last show and the pink one as well, but the pink one got a few new edges to it to make it a little brighter. i also brought the beach bowl but with entirely white (pink center) gerbs in it instead of lillies. i am just not a happy designer unless i am designing new. it gets too boring to duplicate. of course my great friend darla with roze photography was there, as well as the best caterers in town brown brothers catering. love hanging out with industry friends. thanks to all the potential clients and existing ones who stoped by.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Ashley Dearden's bright rustic bouquet for her bridal sitting. enjoyed every moment of putting this one together. it includes two of my favorite variety of roses, super green & milva which is nearly identical to sunset roses. Bright red and orange gerberas grace the roses and a few twigs of curly willow bring this one home. cant wait to do the wedding! had fun shooting this at the only decent building i could find on 3300 S & around 1100 E with stucco i was cool with. ended up really liking the grafiti shots!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Autumn in the winter

This is autumn's bouquet and her groom's boutineer. they were married on friday the 16th of february. We created this all calla lily bouquet for her out of 3 slightly different shades of red\maroon and curly willow. if fit her perfectly!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

happy valentines to all who check out the blog before it is over. so usually valentines is a crazy day for a florist, not to much for me as a floral designer. i did a little advertising, not much just enough to take advantage of the $$$$ that goes around! but i had planned for a much busier day than it turned out to be. i accomplished a lot of personal things, got a new board, boots, and bindings! YES!!!!!! cant wait to hit the snow! then put a few custom designs together, delivered them. delivered flowers to a close friends grave, grandma's graves, grandpa's grave, mom and dad, and a few friends cause if your a florist than you bet a select few expect flowers. hit home to make dinner for the hubby who then ventured off to the BYU basketball game. the kids and i decided to hit the store for one last thing for dad, stockton didnt tell me he didnt feel good before we left. so mostly we just drove in a big circle and i topped the evening off with a vomit cleanup in the car. happy valentine's! wondering where the pics are? didnt get to them today, and the vomit wasnt really all that appealing!

your neighborhood floral designer!
studio stems!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Changing times

So for those of you returning to the blog, things might read a bit different but it shouldnt look different and nothing inside has changed. this week i officially changed the name of my floral design company from storybook flowers to STUDIO STEMS. i have thought about doing this for a loooooong time. its hard to change a company name when its already established, has equity and clientale. but i decided to take the plunge before i have anymore of all of that. storybook wasnt fitting me or my company any longer. the new name fairly reps my style and type of company. hope the new and the old clients like it and that it will be as smooth of a transition as possible.

these pics are part of who I am today and I am Studio Stems. my really great friend Becky took these. you can access her site from my site or

she truly is sooooo amazing. she is one of the most talented people i have ever known. we have been friends since jr high but have become much better friends in adult hood. i love hanging with her and working with her. these pics are from the noni show a few weeks ago and you can see what a big difference in picture quality there is from my previous post to this one. The lighting was terrible for pictures yet becky managed to make something i was so proud of look like it deserved to look. i especially like her detail pics like of my ocean bowl. i have always been about the details that is what makes my work what it is. i cant thank her enough for these images,& for our personal & professional relationships. If you dont have a wedding photographer dont make another move without checking out her site!