Monday, January 29, 2007

bridal extravaganza

A few pics from the bridal extravaganza at tahitian noni in provo utah this last wknd. there will be more to come because my two best photogrpaher friends darla & becky took pics for me but i thought i would get mine up. It was a great show and i met tons of beautiful brides. i am so excited about the colors brides are picking this year and how many of you want to do something fun! plus i got to hang out with darla she was right next to me. we offer a promo to any brides that book us both! i was really proud of my art for this show particularly this orange tree. it doesnt appeal to all but i love it and cant wait to do it again. i got asked a lot this time around if my flowers were real so just in case that is still a question for any of you, everything in the booth was fresh and real! visit darla at

Sunday, January 28, 2007


This last week was my birthday! yeah! On my birthday i spent the afternoon and evening at NOAHS a new venue in lindon. its pretty cool and has a lot to offer. my really good friends at brown brothers and i catered and deco'd the open house for that night. it was fun. i love working with them and had a good night, many of my friends stoped by and i met great people. here are some pics there will be more to come from my good friend Darla who came and took pics. these were fun designs for me i did several vases with tied down orchids i loved them!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

cooler clean

This morning i cleaned out the cooler and decided to have some fun... a florist should have flowers in her house but we dont usually because i give all my energy to clients but i felt like it this morning. i put a few ideas i have had for valenitines together dont know what i think. it felt good i love to have fun with flowers just because, no pressure. just cooler clean.

Friday, January 12, 2007


PINK is my favorite color....or one of them. i like the song too! this is lisa ludlow's bouquet for her wedding this wknd and the grooms boutineer. there are more pics on the recent page of my website. i enjoyed doing this two shades of pink rose bouquet mostly because of the details, the darling stephanotis with pink gems in the center. i have always been about the details, always will be.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

christmas wedding past

These are images from courtney carters wedding that was during the holidays last month. i didnt take any of my own photographs because i knew my very good friend darla, who was courtney's photographer, would get some great images. and of course she did! courtney was the best bride so easy and fun to work with and i love to work with my friends on weddings together so this one was fun. it was at riverside country club.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

square bling

i did decorations for a wedding open house this last wknd. we supplied, tables, chairs, linens and some really great centerpieces. we used the clients own containers out of her home, they were all different but all white ceramic pottery it was so beautiful. we used a few shades of white and cream flowers and some greens. i forgot my camera and didnt take any pics at the office so....I am hoping that neena got some great shots. i had a few flowers left over in the cooler so i put this piece together this morning in one of my favorite square vases. i love brown and especially brown ribbon and i just cant get enough of these ribbon buckle blings. they are so darling. mostly we use them on bouquets but i love this too. just after getting the wedding set up i got in a car accident, luckily the wedding was taken care of and best of all it was not my fault. it was an interesting day, i always fear that i will not be able to deliver to my clients especially a wedding client because of an accident. i was really grateful this happened after my delivery, so my dues are in and i pray that doesnt happen again for a while. nothing more than a bad headache accompanied the rest of the day.

Friday, January 05, 2007

baby valentine

gerbera's in cute polka dot vase is just pre valentine ideas. yellow and white arrangement is for a family member who had a baby last night, a boy named Alton.