Sunday, April 29, 2007

anything else

This weekend was one of "those" wknds when everything that could go wrong does one moment after the next and you feel like all the events of the day are being held by a string. Yet, i did alli could to supply my best to my clients and in the end i was pleased that they had no idea things were crazy! We had Brittany Barnums wedding in spanish fork and also Melissa Johnsons at Noah's in lindon. Brittany chose stargazer and casablanca lilies as well as roses and unfortunatly we didnt get any great pics in the chao, sometimes we have to cut out the stuff thats not top priority. The pics above are of melissa's bouquet (thanks to my fabulous assistant, Neena!) She chose beautiful orange dragon lilies and ornage unique roses both tipped in red, and red roses and hyp berries. Thanks brides!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Valerie & David

so last weekend was one of the best events i have ever been part of. my pictures dont even come close to doing it justice! luckily a really great friend and associate was the photographer, she has posted some of the pics and you can see our great bouquets and i have a feeling more of my work will be posted on her blog from this wedding, and ofcourse when i get a disc it will be all over mine but for now check out her blog.

Monday, April 23, 2007


This weekend was crazy with the osmond wedding (more to come,) but stuck somwwhere in there was this bridal sitting bouquet for Elise. One of my fun color brides with bright yellows, purples, and reds! This bouqet is one of my all time color favs made of yellow freesia & snapdragons; purple lisianthus, stock, and painted monkey tails; gorgeous red dahlias. thanks Elise for allowing me to have a little fun!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Praise digital izatt

Here are Tiara's professional pics! Dustin from Digital Izatt is this amazing photographer and look at that dress, you go girl! I love working with dustin! he is so talented and fun! his stuff has so much passion in it! if you havent checked out his site and you are considering a photographer check it out! you can also link his site from my website. thanks dustin!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


One of my brides Tiara had her bridal sitting with one of my favorite photographers (dustin Izatt) yesterday. She saw the bouquet on the blog we did for the show and loved it, it matched her colors nearly perfectly so we dido'd it. we added some bright orange mini gerbers. turned out beautiful hope you loved it tiara and dustin cant wait to see the great pics!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bridal Exstravaganza

Thanks to all the soon to be brides who stopped by the booth this last weekend, i hope to be designing some of your dream weddings very soon! and i look forward to it!

Key LIme!

Here are the designs from the Bridal Extravaganza this last weekend. This show was very last minute for me, like the day before is when i knew i was doing it! I was pretty resigned to no more advertising for the year as far as shows go, i just dont need to do them, and they are so taxing on me for some reason, a million times worse than doing a wedding! But the show producers really wanted me in it, they gave me a deal i couldnt refuse. I was so disoriented by the whole last minute thing i didnt bring a camera so i have not a single picture of the booth. Oh well. Here are some pics of the designs i created. I really like limes, especially key limes! this is one of my favorite things to do is just play with elements. The first pic is just key limes and lily grass in one of my favorite vases. The 2nd pic is a large vase arrangment of curly willow, viburnum branches, orange gerbera daisies, snapdragons, & boronia. There were 7 gold fish in the bottom of this vase at the show and they were the hit of the show! it was fun! Some advice about fish in your centerpieces; be careful about the selection of type of fish, betas have to be alone, they kill each other, gold fish need good oxygen and can only handle living with certain flowers. know ahead of time that any fish can only endure a few hours in a centerpiece and then you will have dead fish for your guests to view. The next few pics are of a bouquet i did that seemed to be well liked, it included hot princess roses, boronia, painted lime green mini callas, painted black monkey tails, and of course key limes. Perfectly matched pink ribbon, a strand of my signiature beads and green wire adorned the stems.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


How amazing is this bouquet? I am not sure that it will appeal to a large amount of people but this was one of my favorites as an artist. This is soon to be Mrs. David Osmond's bouquet for her bridal sitting. Her style of dress, color ideas, mood and feel she wanted to create screamed vintage glamour. i felt like this bouquet screamed it back! filled with green hydrangea's, clear ocean roses, stephanotis with salmon colored rhinestone gems in the center, plum calla lilies airbrushed black and also airbrushed black monkey tail.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Costco Debate

What is the Costco Debate you ask? Well its something that i feel i might periodically need to write about in order for clients and potential clients to understand the price variance between Studio Stems and Costco. Lets start with the more obvious.

1. Selection of flowers and colors is limited at Costco
2. Costco is cheaper
3. Quality varies vastly
4. flowers are readily available at the drop of a hat at Costco (in variety limitation), at Studio Stems everything is custom ordered.

On occasion I get a bride or a mother who seem sticker shocked by my prices. There seems to be a thought pattern that all roses should be the same price as Costco and that a bouquet of them should also be that same price and if its not then well someone is getting screwed. This throws me off a bit, and i have to resist the urge to be offended that so little thought is being put into the work. So let me just make a little clearer exaclty what you are paying for when you get a price quote from studio stems.

1. custom design, design, design! This is like location in real estate!
2. quality!!!!!
3. lets not forget the headache and hassle of delivery, pickup and storage of such perishable natures.
4. the most important one, LABOR! time is everything right? time is $$$ right? knowledge and training secures effective use of time, desired effect, and appearance of designs.
5. variety in color and types of flowers!

just to name the formost basic few.

i suppose that any client who is considering using Costco should consider all of the above mentioned things. If flowers are not too important to you at your event, maybe you should go with Costco. If time is not an issue and you have that to give on the day of your event or family members event than perhaps Costco is the solution for you. If you desire very tradtional flowers and nothing too unique than Costco might be an option for you. and if you have the skills to really effectively accomplish the goal of any given design then maybe Costco is your destination wedding flower supplier.

if its not, than Studio Stems IS!

i hope this effectively helps some potential client or an exhisting one understand the market a bit more.

Monday, April 02, 2007

back by popular demand

i am not necesarily a fan of duplicating my own work, i would rather custom design something new for each client. but....there are certain bouquets that get people. this one is very similar to one that i did in early fall of '06, it is on the site. today this one is for melissa and it does have her own little spin on it, we sprayed the tips of these gorgous orange unique roses with more of a red color than the previous bouquet which was pink and her wrap is striking red ribbon with bricked pearls. hope she has a great time with it! PS my photography is nothing like that of so many of the great photographers i work with so please excuse all photographs taken by me!