Saturday, February 23, 2008

gateway .....

a few arrangmenets to add some flavor to the booths of a few friends at the gateway show this weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2008

pantywaist & co

check out pantywaist & co products ....

custom crib sets

grocery cart and high chair covers to fight the germs!

amazing lighting for the little tykes rooms

the most darling glass furniture hardware in town ...

quiet play time fun!

and of course some of the most darling custom boutique children's clothes around!

the models are darling as well .... LOL well if you havent figured it out by now, audrey the owner of studio stems has her hands dipped in this co too! check out the site here .... the pantywaist blog here ....
and if your thinking about hosting, think no more ... you want to! our hosting package for our launch party on march 15th 2008 @ NOAHS in lindon from 10am-3pm is incredible! you will have to do little more than mail out your invites and in exchange you will receive a 5% credit on all orders that come through you! cant beat that. email audrey @ or call her at 801.836.3089 or of course you can also reach her through studio stems contact info! hope to see some of you studio stems associates and clients there!

darla w/roze photography will also be part of this launch party see her work here as well as megan w/pink piggy design view her work here ... both of which can assist in shower invites and the the most amazing baby announcements seen yet!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentines day

valentines day for me is interesting. my hub cant buy me flowers, doesnt make sense! and i am not a flower shop but on V-day i get a lot of calls! i am a designer though so what i have to offer is interesting and not your run of the mill v-day flowers. i can depend on the men in my life calling me today also to ask for flowers for their women. so here is to my brothers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bird of paradise

i have been in LA for a few days this week, i passed this bird of paradise bush in bloom in long beach and couldnt resist capturing an image of this magnificent creation. what an artist the almighty creator was! serious think about it!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

wrap me in apple green ... or teal

today i was just really enjoying the simple elegance and beauty of swiss satin ribbon & black pearl head pins!

bridal sitting season has officially begun with two today. pictured above is melanie's sitting bouquet. her colors are black and teal. she wanted something simple for today so we went with white regular callas, airbrushed black mini callas and a teal wrap with black pearl head pin line.

this is laynie's wrap for her sitting bouquet .... she is for sure one of my fav brides of the whole year, i can tell already, way kick back, allows me a lot of creative freedom, gorgeous, and super sweet! her colors are apple green and black but we are doing really colorful flowers. as shown below, fuego alstromeria, green cymbidium orchids, yellow freesia, leucodendron, & of course eggplant mini calla's. we hope that her wedding day bouquet will have added yellow mini callas, pink anemone, and the exotic gloriosa lily.

Monday, February 04, 2008

visit spring ... some of us need it anyway

so my kind and amazing and generous photog friend darla is the master behind these pro pics of a wedding we did not to long ago, (you might remember the post with my pics) this is springs wedding, something some of us are waiting on, not me! i am thoroughly enjoying the powder, but for those that need it, enjoy a wiff!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

confectioners wonder

These are chocolate favors ... need i say more? woodhouse

not a newspaper but a CAKE! wowie! this grand piece of confection art was custom made for a couple who met over a newspaper. cake design is a wedding art that i appreciate almost as much as my own. i cant fully appreciate it simply because i cant do it nor would i ever even attempt to but the art that these designers can produce simply amazes me! this particular sculpture was produced by cakework an LA based designer.

Friday, February 01, 2008

hold that card

some new, exciting, and better yet informative posts as promised. i wanted to post some ideas for things that brides often ask me about. a few of those things have been table place card holders, seating assignment options, book sign in options, and favors. so here are a few of my favorite ideas, studio stems can provide these for you, but in utah's friendly crafty market why not do these yourself? we know you want to anyhow!

this wishing tree is one of the best new ideas out there for a new spin on a "book" but can also be used as seating assignment. have your guests write a personal message on provided cards and hang on the tree for a unique piece of decor that doubles as a book. or place your guests names of cards w/seating info and hang for them to take as they walk in the door.

beach themed? shells shells shells, easy! easy! easy! another beach or tropical theme, place card suggestion are drink umbrellas carefully marked and displayed. both of these ideas are displayed in a minature table sand box, sand options could vary from your run of the mill play sand, special sand from your favorite beach (something meaninful is always a +!) or colored sand from the craft store. these apples also make darling place card holders, any fruit about would ....

simple great idea for the bride, groom, or wedding designer, handy with graphic design. to the right an alphabatized list directing you to your table # and a beauitful designed floor plan showing the way and the seat.

of course my favorite ways to display place seating cards of course incorporates some sort of organic floral design. this darling wreath can be displayed flat or hung and also could be made out of a plethura of "stems." carnation bed tent display is a good way to bring in color and uniqueness, carnations are used minimally at weddings for obvious reasons but are fabulous cost effective flowers when used right, like here in this bed, or in pomanders etc... another place card bed that is effective is a flat of grass, earthy and organic and perfect for the right venue!

these two last ideas are on the dish sort of deals. this potted herb is a darling gift or favor and doubles easy as decor and table & place seating assignment, nothing like killing 3 or 4 birds with one stone, thats herculian!

many of you brides box favors for your guests, if yor having a luncheon or formal dinner with assigned seating, double purposing your favor boxes is a splendid idea and its easy ... put a name on it!