Wednesday, March 28, 2007


sometimes i just want to make someone smile, i hope all who see this laugh like i did. i recently spent some time in palm springs california, took the kiddies with me this time and took them to a childrens museum there, this sign was posted on the wall and it is my impression that its an original to this old school hollywood town. had a great time! glad to be home, there is no place like it!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Green Wedding

Today was Ashley Dearden and Ryan Green's wedding in Bountiful, Utah. This wedding was a blast for me and i feel completely flattered and grateful after such a good day on the job. There are several florists that are very talented in closer proximity to Bountiful and also a family member that has floral design background and this gorgeous couple and their family still really wanted my designs. Neena worked this one with me and i was glad to have her help, it was a big one. The bouquet was very similar to her bridal sitting with the exception of a few added details like the moneytail, it is pictured below with the Boutinful temple in the background. This whole wedding was in bright orange, red, and yellows. The centerpieces turned out amazing, tall glass vases, curly willow towering out the top with tubed gerbers daisies all over the branches. Gold fish swam in perfect fitting colors inside the vase. Our trip to the pet store on the way to the reception landed my son a free frog too! Ashley was really interested in one of my signature tree's, bet you cant guess which one, of course the orange one. This one had a little variation i made it out of Milva roses and orange gerbs instead of my usual. Love the pictures that we took this time around, we had some time and we got creative, Neena wanted me to do a sort of inustrial shoot and we had a great time, turned out great picks! Thanks Neena! In fact it was hard for me to pick which ones to post on the blog. Please visit our site and view the recent portfolio for a few more. We also had lots of calls and many new weddings booked this week i am looking forward to working on all your weddings!