Sunday, December 31, 2006


i have had a nice break with not much going on in the way of storybook, no doubt that i have been busy with all the other things that needed my attention. i found myself needing to be creative with flowers this morning and put this together in one of our valentines vases. storybook is well prepared to deliver unique and original flowers for this coming lovers holiday. our selection of vases and containers is really fun and i am looking forward to putting more pieces together that have flare.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

neena says goodbye to grandpa

neena an employee of storybook lost her grandfather this past week. She was able to arrange his funeral flowers for his casket and sides as well as a few other family pieces. having expereinced this myself i hope that it was a spiritual thing for her and very healing as well. this was her first time doing a funeral and she did a fabulous job, i barely helped her.i know her grandfather is smiling down on her so proud!

Monday, December 18, 2006

busy weekend

WOW! things were busy this wknd. started with a pro bono bouquet for andrea bishop. she won it at the noni bridal show. then on to donna ackerson's wedding. all white flowers, isnt this bouquet amazing i loved it. then to nadia & rene's big event on saturday. i love the picture of her bouquet in the vase that is in the snow in my back yard, you can see our wonderful view of the whole valley. there are also a few pics on site at southworth hall. this was a fun one, this family really knows how to party. Brown brothers catered the event and it turned out beautiful.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This order was called in by friends of mine for another friend who just had surgery. Hope she is doing well and enjoying this different array of flowers. there are two doezen roses packed into this vaseas well as lots of gerberas.

Mary Potter

Mary Potters bridal flowers were done a while ago back in october. i forgot to take my own pics and it took this long to get some from the photographer, they turned out good. mary has been one of my favorite brides.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Rosa Funeral

These are flowers from Rosa's funeral she is the mother of a friend of mine. She died on November 25th of lung cancer at the age of 61. Funerals continue to be a joy to me, its a different joy than weddings (i still love that joy more) but it still feels necessary. the top is a spray from several neighbor friends next is what the family chose as their casket package and the last is the casket piece in our cooler, it didnt feel right to take pics on site today. i stayed up late last night to put these together so they would be extra fresh monday morning. busy day!