Wednesday, November 29, 2006

everyday flowers

storybook just recently has started taking credit card orders so this has enabled us to take care of designs for everyday flowers, like for birthdays, anniversaries, babies, funerals and all sorts of stuff. we are excited about this, though we do intend to keep our focus event based it will be nice to have the option on slow days. this is an order for a company called cluster resources, one of their employees had a baby and we put this together and delivered it for them.

saylors hair

i couldnt help but list this funny story on my blog. when my oldest daughter (not pictured) was 3 she put an entire jar of bag balm in her hair. nothing seemed to get it out, it took several weeks to wear itself out. My daughter saylor (pictured) has decided to now follow in her older sisters footsteps and now at the age of three has caked her own hair with a perscription diaper rash ointment. this time around it has been a bit worse because the ointment is white and not clear still it mimics our previous incident nearly exact. i am laughing about it!

Monday, November 20, 2006


There is not much i want to say about today, this is the Andrews bouquet. the bride loved it!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

real or not real that is the ?

so what do you think, real flowers or not? obviously i wouldnt ask if they were real, but dont they look really good. these are for a bride from washington that is getting married in utah and having several receptions. she thought it might be more econimical to do silk, i am usually opposed to silk and like to work with fresh with maybe only a few synthetics mixed in, but if i do say so myself i really like this one and it might change my perspective just a tad!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

last night i put together a casket piece and two sprays for Sarah Shepherd. She was a developer and team member for LDSLIVING magazine. she was young and beautiful and i am sure she will be greatly missed. i dont do funerals near as often as i do other things but i find myself in an interesting state of mind and spirituality when i do and i need that, it feels good to reflect for a moment. this funeral has made me decide to add sympathy flowers back to our web site, they have always been a part of our company but not a focus but i think i want to bring them back in to more focus. i wish her family and friends the best and send my sympathy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

today was a great day! storybook donated 5 centerpices to the cystic fibrosis foundation black tie fundraiser. they will hold a silent auction and we are hoping that are pieces make lots of money for them. nichole, who just joined the company, designed and carried out two of the pieces herself. it felt so good to do this. i know how these families feel and what they need, because my own daughter saylor has a serious illness-disability called spina bifida. i really wanted to design several pieces all different to appeal to different tastes and so this foundation can maximize the funds they raise. my favorite piece was the orange gerberas, but then i am a little strange. the picture hardley does it justice.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

today i picked up a disc from steven @ portraits by steven. he was the photogrpaher on the gardner wedding, the pictures are beautiful and i loved working with steven. cant wait to work with him again. so more pics of the gardners for you to enjoy!